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Elements of Style


The way you dress on the outside should be a true reflection of who you are on the inside.  If it’s not, you will never feel truly ‘at home’ in your clothes.  Fashion Feng Shui® is a new and exciting way of unlocking your true personal style based on principles taken from the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui and its five life-forming elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

If you feel you know which colours and styles suit you but still feel you have not developed a personal style that is truly “you”, then this workshop is for you.  It is an excellent introduction to the core principles of Fashion Feng Shui.

You will learn:

  • What your “Essence” is (the ‘real you’)
  • How to express this using colours, patterns, styles, fabrics, textures, silhouettes etc.
  • How to develop a flexible formula to help you ensure your wardrobe contains all the elements needed to align with and reflect your ‘essence’ and is appropriate for your lifestyle
  • To summarise all this in an Elemental Wardrobe planner so that you have the tools to develop a personal style that is unique and authentic for you

Please note:  this workshop does not include Fashion Feng Shui guidance on how to use clothes to help you fulfil your “Intentions” nor in detail at body shape/colouring.  If you would prefer to include these, you are advised to book in for a full individual Fashion Feng Shui consultation.

How it works:

You can either:

  • Get your own group of family or friends together on a day and at a time to suit you, or
  • Join a pre-organised group – watch out on the Events page, Facebook or my newsletter for set workshop dates, or give me a call to find out when this workshop is next scheduled to take place
Price:  £65 per person
Duration:  3 hours
Includes:  Workbook, incl. Elemental Wardrobe Planner
Group size:  3-6

For further information or to book, contact Jo on joallen.cmb@me.com or phone 01953 456645.