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Holiday Packing Essentials

Hard to pack a suitcase

“My summer holiday packing is a disaster: I always take masses, yet I never feel I have the right thing to wear when I get there, and I always bring too much home unworn!”

Sound familiar? Then the Holiday Essentials Workshop is for you.  This 2-hour session will ensure you know all the tricks for looking stylish and being comfortable on your well-earned break, take the stress out of packing, plus avoid taking more than you need and bringing too much of it home again unworn!

It includes advice on:

  • How to pack
  • What to pack
  • Swimwear – how to choose styles and colours that flatter
  • Sunglasses – colour, size and shape for you
  • Make-up tips for the hotter weather
  • Accessories to enhance

How it works

You can either:

  • Get your own group of family or friends together on a day and at a time to suit you, or
  • Join a pre-organised group – watch out on the Events page, Facebook or my newsletter for set workshop dates, or give me a call to find out when this workshop is next scheduled to take place (Note:  next scheduled date for this workshop is 15 May 2019 at 1030).
Price:  £40 per person
Duration:  2 hours
Includes:  Holiday Packing Workbook
Group size:  4-8

For further information or to book, please email Jo on or phone 01953 456645.