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Make-up Workshops

Whether you are someone who rarely wears make-up and would like some ‘beginners’ guidance, or whether you love make-up and wouldn’t leave home without it, this workshop is a great fun way to experiment with new colours and techniques.

What you will learn

You will learn what make-up colours suit you and what your beauty personality is, and in this hands-on session you will practice application techniques that also flatter you face/eye shape and achieve a long-lasting finish. Includes a make-up prescription and tips to keep for future reference.  We will use the exclusive Colour Me Beautiful range of cosmetics, which will be available to purchase on the day if you wish.

Special “Mature Make-up Masterclass” also available:   With every decade that passes, it’s important to make sure you adapt your make-up application and products to suit your changing colouring,  skin and features.  In this specialist workshop you will learn techniques that help disguise fine lines, open pores, age spots, add eye/jaw/cheek definition, boost thinner lips/brows, ensuring you continue to look your glamorous best!

How it works

You can either:

  • Get your own group of family or friends together on a day and at a time to suit you, or
  • Join a pre-organised group – watch out on the Events page, Facebook or my newsletter for set workshop dates, or give me a call to find out when these workshops are next scheduled to take place.
Price:  £30 per person
Duration:  90 mins – 2 hours, depending on group size
Includes:  beauty workbook
Group size:  4-6

If you would prefer an individual consultation, you may be better to opt for a personal Make-up Lesson.

For further information or to book, email Jo on or phone 01953 456645.