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Colour Analysis

Colour can have a huge impact on how we look, how we feel and how others perceive us.  When we get it right, it transforms our look. 

The right colours can make us look healthier, more vibrant and younger.

A Colour Consultation will show you how to choose colours that flatter you, naturally.

How it works

The colours that truly suit you will both flatter your personal colouring and also work for your personality.  So, I begin the consultation by finding out a bit about you, why you’ve come along, how you spend your time and what colours you like to wear.   I then analyse your skin tone, eye and hair colour and how they work together and then, when I have all the information I need, show you the range of colours that complement your unique colouring.  You will learn which colours really give you the ‘wow‘ factor, which are you best ‘neutral shades’ and how to combine your colours in a way that is individual to you.  We also look at what messages colours convey and how they can make you feel.

The method of analysis I use is the very latest – combining the tonal method of analysis designed by Colour Me Beautiful (industry leaders for 30+ years) with my own system of tailoring this to both personal colouring and individual personality.  The flexibility of this approach means I can personalise your colour palette to you.

A colour consultation is a liberating experience – it often reinforces why some of the colours you love already work, but also opens up an exciting world of new colours too.  If your colouring has changed over they years, it will explain why colours which used to look good on you are less flattering these days.  Don’t worry about having ‘wrong’ colours in your existing wardrobe – I’ll show you how to make these work wherever possible by combining them with new ‘right’ shades!  You will then be set to start the journey towards a wardrobe full of flattering colours that all work together, shopping will be so much easier, money is saved on ‘wrong’ purchases, and you will have the confidence that comes from knowing you look great in all your colours!

Finally, I will give you a full make-up in colours that complement your skin tone and features and supply you with a list of suitable make-up shades. A personalised wallet containing 42 fabric swatches and colour combination tips is yours to take with you for future shopping trips so you will always know which colours to wear.

A personal colour consultation will demonstrate:

  • What your ‘dominant’ colouring is and how this determines why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others
  • How to combine colours in a way that flatters your individual colouring and personality
  • How best to wear the colours you already have
  • The make-up shades that suit you naturally
  • Ideas on where to shop for your colours

Duration:   90 mins-2 hours
Price:         £120
Includes:   your personal 42-colour fabric swatch wallet and personalised colour notes

Please note:-

If you had your colours ‘done’ some years ago by Colour Me Beautiful and you feel that these no longer work for you so well, it might be that something about your personal colouring has changed, so you may benefit from a Colour Review as your palette may need adjusting.

If you would prefer to come along with two or more friends, why not book a Colour Confidence group workshop?

For further information or to book:  contact Jo on 01953 456645 or email

What clients have said:-

“I love my new colours!  An assistant in a clothes shop I was in recently commented on how well I put things together!  And three people at lunch on Sunday commented on how well I looked.  My confidence is at an all time high.  Wait till I’ve had my Style consultation too – there’ll be no stopping me!”

“Thank you so much for my colour session.  You made me feel so welcome.  It was just what I needed to give my colour choosing confidence a real boost – and amazing to see what a difference the ‘right’ colour makes”.

“Many thanks for this morning’s colour analysis- it was thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating.  I couldn’t help but pop into the shops afterwards … and it was like going into a clothes store for the first time!  I noticed so many things I would never have seen before – shopping is now so much easier and more exciting.  Getting my colours done has been a brilliant decision!”.