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Fashion Feng Shui®


I am very proud to be a licensed facilitator for Fashion Feng Shui®.  This is a NEW and exciting way of unlocking your true personal style based on principles taken from the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. 

It takes a primarily ‘inside out’ approach to choosing clothing – dressing mindfully.   Whereas my original traditional methods of colour and style analysis remain an excellent way to learn the detail of which colours and shapes suit your personal colouring and body shape/lines/proportions (i.e. flatter you physically), a Fashion Feng Shui consultation enables you to add a new dimension, as it guides you to look inside to learn how to choose elements in clothing which express your ‘essence’ (your spirit – your innate preference and values – your individual personality), so that you feel ‘at home’ in whatever you wear and build a wardrobe of clothes that you love and feel great in, and which work for you for all areas of your life! 

And, what’s more, it can also show you how to use these elements to move towards any goals you may have – to dress for the life you want!  After all, we all know that we can feel and behave differently in different clothes, and that people’s reactions differ depending on what they see us wearing too!  Fashion Feng Shui can show you how to influence that to your benefit.

Who is it for?

A Fashion Feng Shui® consultation is for you if:-

  • you have had a full colour and/or style consultation in the past but still feel you have not yet been able to discover and develop your own individual personal style
  • you prefer a holistic approach to things generally
  • you prefer to be ‘guided’ to discover for yourself what works for ‘you’, rather than be ‘told’
  • you have garments hanging in your wardrobe in which you know you look nice, and people even compliment you on them, but they still hang there rarely worn because you simply don’t ‘feel’ nice in them
  • you want to make a change in your life (new job, new relationship, retirement – or simply get fitter or have more fun) and need a wardrobe of clothes that helps you do that

How does it work?

In a Fashion Feng Shui consultation we will explore a selection of style components  (incl. patterns, textures, colours, fabrics and silhouettes) – which have their roots in the Chinese Feng Shui’s five elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal  – and work out which you can use in your clothes so that they:

– FULFILL the Essence of who you are (reflect the ‘real you’)
– FORTIFY you to attract your Intention (help you to achieve any goals)
– FLATTER your Appearance (look good on you from the outside)
– FUNCTION for your Lifestyle (are appropriate for your the demands of your daily life)

You will be asked to complete a pre-consultation form and to create a ‘vision collage’ in advance of your appointment, and to bring four specified garments along with you on the day.  These will be used, together with other techniques in the consultation, to help you develop a flexible dressing formula unique to you.  This will all be summarised in your personalised Elemental Design Portfolio and Wardrobe Planner.

Duration:   2.5 hours
Price:         £130
Includes:   your personalised Elemental Design Portfolio and Wardrobe Planner

If you have a group of friends who would like to join you for a Fashion Feng Shui session, you may also like to consider an Elements of Style Workshop.

For further information or to make a booking, contact Jo on

What my clients have said:

“My Fashion Feng Shui consultation with Jo was a revelation.  I know nothing about Feng Shui, which didn’t matter.  What Jo was able to help me realise is that I have been dressing in what I think other people feel I should be wearing too often.  That was why I never felt quite happy in them.  Working out that my true ‘essence’ is Water, with Fire influencing, has freed me to rediscover the freedom and creativity in my wardrobe, and add a bit more fun – and I am really looking forward to my next shopping trip now!”