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Shop with Style

shopping bagsA Style Consultation, personal shopping trip and Seasonal Update rolled into one. Whether you just want ‘the rules’ for dressing for your body shape, help putting together a capsule wardrobe or assistance choosing a particular outfit, Shopping with Style is so much more than just a shopping trip.
It’s great fun and you’ll get truly impartial advice!

How it works

Start with a mini 1-hour Style consultation, learning the basics about which styles suit your body shape; then head to Norwich for 2 hours in the shops putting what you’ve learned into practice.

Duration:   3 hours (+travelling)
Price:          £160
Includes:    your personalised style & image reference book

For further information or to book, contact Jo on or phone on 01953 456645.

What clients have said:

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for such a fun (and productive!) few hours shopping yesterday.  I very much enjoyed putting on one of my new outfits this morning for a family trip out – practical yet still interesting!  I feel so much clearer not just about what suits me, but also why I like (or don’t like) certain clothes, which is a revelation – I’ve been internet browsing and I am homing in on things I know I like, which I have struggled with recently. You have reignited my interest in shopping! … everyone should have a shop and style experience with you – a life necessity.”